David Crockett Poetry


On being inspired to make an attempt at poetry, Ch. 2

In the land of the stranger I rise or I fall.

    The corn that I planted, the fields that I cleared,
    The flocks that I raised, and the cabin I reared;
    The wife of my bosom — Farewell to ye all!
    In the land of the stranger I rise or I fall.
        Ch. 2

    In peace or in war I have stood by thy side —
    My country, for thee I have lived, would have died!
    But I am cast off, my career now is run,
    And I wander abroad like the prodigal son —
    Where the wild savage roves, and the broad prairies spread,
    The fallen — despised — will again go ahead.



6 thoughts on “David Crockett Poetry”

  1. Get your Sparkling water for the Toast To Texas at 2pm!
    “To Texas . . .
    Joyous and sparkling,
    Evergreen when it rains, enduring in drought,
    Timeless, endless in boundaries, exciting,
    Home to the adventurous of yesterday and today,
    With shrines from the past
    And space and spirit for the future.
    To Texas.
    Everlasting in the hearts of your people!”
    Written by the late historian Joe B. Frantz

  2. Also, Crockett never said that. Neither did Jefferson who it’s also been wrongfully attributed to. If you’re going to celebrate Texas history, you should be accurate instead of blindly repeating political propaganda

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