Remember the Alamo, Goliad and Texas Independence

Share this information with everyone you know who loves Texas History and wants to remember the Alamo, Goliad and the heroes who created a free republic and took us into statehood. SCHOLARSHIP FOR HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS, CASH PRIZES K-12 HISTORY FAIR. ART, VIDEOS, PROJECTS AND MANUSCRIPTS SHOWING RESEARCH.

2014 Best of Show Winner of TID Student History Fair

Rachel best of show
Rachel won Best of Show cash prize in 2014 and a flag that had been flown over the Alamo.

Rachel won cash prize and a flag that had been flown over the Alamo.  Maybe you can win this year.  Get the info now.  Here are a few of our winning entries from 2014.




Primary Source Site

This is a great resource for students working on their entries for the History Fair.

Leadership & Legacy in Texas History Competition Rules

Student History Competition Rules


Entry Rules and Judging Criteria for each category: 2015 Theme

“Leadership & Legacy in Texas History”

Student Cash Awards  ($150 best of show. Awards in each category and each level: $75 first, $50 second & $25 third)

Senior Scholarship presented by the Texas Heroes Foundation.

(Click here to see application form.)

No Bull About It–Texas Independence Celebration of North Texas in Granbury is the Best!

DSC_0096We Love Our Vendors, Re-Enactors, Children’s Events, Parade and, of course the Bulls on the Beach.

Live Bull Riding On The Beach returns – Saturday, Feb 28.  Vendors on the square Feb 28 & March 1, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a Crockett Memorial Ceremony on Monday, March 2 Monday. Please put it on your calendar and make plans to attend. Texas…Better than ever! Remember those who made it that way.

Saving History- Texas Needs You


Texas History and culture seems to be fading from our horizon.  Each year there’s less and less time to remember and teach our history.  Other studies fill the pages of history books and the names of our heroes are squeezed into a small footnote.  Other names have never received the honor and celebration they deserve.  How can we change this?  We can join William B. Travis as he draws a line in the sand.  We can remember the Alamo.  Study the battles of Goliad, Gonzales, Refugio and more.  Teach the contributions of all — like Tejanos who helped defeat a government of dictatorship to form a new republic called Texas and much more.  It’s time to join the fight to save history — teach it to our children and celebrate our freedom, Texas Style.

Step across the line and become a hero.  Join us in celebrating and sharing Texas History.  Let us know what you are doing on March 2.  Join us in the North Texas Celebration.  Donate to the cause.  It doesn’t matter how much you give or what projects you support.  Give to Texas history…your time  and your money.

Texas Needs You

Texas needs you! It’s time that Texans celebrate Texas Independence Day.  We need volunteers, ready to help, support and join us in making Texas Independence, February 28 – March 2, bigger and better.  The focus remains on education, however we’re rustling up a wagon load of fun to go with it.  From Bulls on the Beach to Scholarships and Parades you can choose your passion.  Contact a Texas Hero Foundation board member: Teresa Sims – or Peggy Freeman