On March 2, 2012, three men and their passion for Texas celebrated Texas Independence Day in Granbury, Texas.  In an effort to honor the heroes from the historical Alamo Battle of 1836, these men donned period costumes and reenacted history.  “Present and accounted for” were Lt. Colonel William B. Travis (portrayed by Cullen Crisp), General Sam Houston (portrayed by Boots Hubbard) and David Crockett (portrayed by Richlon Merrill). The reenactments as well as a recitation of the famous Travis Letter were part of a larger plan to educate people of all ages about Texas and its rich history.

Texas Independence Day logoThis year we hope to ignite a passion across our state by inviting people to take part in an even bigger celebration. On behalf of the board of The Texas Heroes Foundation we invite you to “March to Texas” and experience all she has to share.

It’s all about Texas,

Cullen Crisp, President

Texas Heroes Foundation


THE TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION OF NORTH TEXAS AT GRANBURY was birthed by the TEXAS HEROES FOUNDATION.  The Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity since January 2013.  Its mission statement is: “It’s All About Texas!”  That about sums it up!  The Foundation was created to preserve the true and rich heritage of the great state of Texas for our children and THFgrandchildren and their children.  We want to share our message with the entire community, including all schools and all people who have a heart for Texas.  The Foundation will make every effort to support the telling and re-living of the history that formed Texas.


To Contacts us:

The Texas Heroes Foundation Board members are:

Cullen Crisp, President.  AKA Lt. Colonel William B. Travis

817-538-6327           cullencrisp@sbcglobal.net


Boots Hubbard, Vice President.  AKA General Sam Houston

817-964-8243           texashubbard@hotmail.com


David Crockett with Boots Hubbard as General Sam Houston          Yep, these really are Boots’ boots!                           And he is in them!

Teresa Sims, Secretary.  AKA Susanna Dickinson

817-578-0234             teresa.texas@yahoo.com


Teresa Sims                                             Susanna Dickinson

2014 Celebration

The T.I.D.C. (Texas Independence Day Committee) met on Friday to discuss plans for the 2014 Celebration. Approximately 20 volunteers showed up, rolled up and their shirt sleeves, and began to go to work. Very refreshing to see so many people sharing the passion that we have for the state of TEXAS, for educating our kids [...]

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