The Texas Independence Day Celebration of North Texas at Granbury, created by the Texas Heroes Foundation, celebrates the rich heritage of the great State of Texas. Our goal is to preserve that history  for our children and grandchildren.  March 2 is the perfect time to share our message with all of North Texas through education, and a celebration of the history that made Texas great.

Join us February 28 – March 2, 2015, and help North Texas celebrate Texas Independence Day.

Support Texas Independence Day Celebration and the Student History Competition

We hope you will help support this passion to keep Texas History in our hearts and minds. With a even a small donation, Texans can know they too are a hero.  They have done their part to save the stories of our Texas Heroes–David Crockett, William Travis, Gregorio Esparza and so many more.

Saving History- Texas Needs You

DONATE TODAY! Texas History and culture seems to be fading from our horizon.  Each year there’s less and less time to remember and teach our history.  Other studies fill the pages of history books and the names of our heroes are squeezed into a small footnote.  Other names have never received the honor and celebration […]

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Texas Needs You

Texas needs you! It’s time that Texans celebrate Texas Independence Day.  We need volunteers, ready to help, support and join us in making Texas Independence, February 28 – March 2, bigger and better.  The focus remains on education, however we’re rustling up a wagon load of fun to go with it.  From Bulls on the […]

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Perhaps there are those of you who can remember the little “comic books” entitled “Texas History Movies” put out by the Magnolia Petroleum Company.  These cleverly written and illustrated little books were a prime source of Texas history for school kids all over Texas. They had a unique way of making history entertaining which was […]

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When I was a boy growing up in the Texas Panhandle, Hereford was known nationally as “the town without a toothache” due to the nearly perfect natural fluoridation of the water supply.  The fact that it was the county seat of Deaf Smith county was not of general interest.  All we school kids knew of […]

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2014 Celebration

The T.I.D.C. (Texas Independence Day Committee) met on Friday to discuss plans for the 2014 Celebration. Approximately 20 volunteers showed up, rolled up and their shirt sleeves, and began to go to work. Very refreshing to see so many people sharing the passion that we have for the state of TEXAS, for educating our kids […]

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Texas Independence Day Celebration

The Texas Independence Day Celebration of North Texas at Granbury was brought to life this year through  reenactments, parade and other commemorative events.

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Texas Independence Day Update

Statues all over the state of TEXAS serve to focus our attention on our rich heritage and proud history. None stands taller than our own San Jacinto monument. One of our local students has made a wonderful model for your thoughtful consideration and it along with dozens of others will be on display inside the […]

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Texas Independence Day Update

No countyseat in the state of Texas has a more majestic and beautiful courthouse than Hood County. Tonight it takes on even more of a majestic presence as the flag of our state surrounds that very building. Each flag pole proudly and honorably bears the name of one of the fallen heroes of the Alamo. […]

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Texas Independence Day Update

In four short days and nights, Buck and his stagecoach will hit town. Coming with him will be his wife, and the team of nip and tuck. Kids of all ages are going to enjoy riding the best cotton pickin stagecoach in four counties. March 2nd and 3rd on the historic downtown square in beautiful […]

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Texas Independence Day Update

A provision has been made for all of the Vendors to have Sunday morning worship at the Texas Independence Day celebration. We will kick off Sunday with Cowboy Church on the city sound stage at 9:00 AM sharp, with music by the Baggy Bottom Boys, and preaching by DeWayne Harris, associate pastor of Triple Cross […]

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